On their debut album Paradigm, The Wayward Suns deliver a vibrant collage of sounds

Last November, when Gold Coast based five-piece The Wayward Suns arrived with their debut full-length album Paradigm, they arrived with the kind of fully-formed sound it takes most bands years to develop.

It’s the kind of album that immediately grabs your attention, and leaves you no choice but to get up and groove. It’s infectious, free-flowing, and completely captivating.

If you’re not already across the colourful, vibrant sounds of Gold Coast five-piece The Wayward Suns, it’s definitely time you changed that.

Throughout the album’s sprawling hour-long duration, The Wayward Suns glide through an addictive concoction of funk, soul, hip-hop, grunge, rock and pop to deliver a sound that is entirely their own.

As they weave together raw, earthy instrumentation with spirited vocal delivery, they create a collage of sounds that’ll leave you hanging on every note. With their textured, rhythmic blend of genres, the band will grab your attention and hold it for the duration of the album. Paradigm is an exciting listen from start to finish.

While these are still relatively early days for this Queensland band, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality tunes from The Wayward Suns. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear where they take us next.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Paradigm above.