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‘What Is A Wayward Sun?’ By The Wayward Suns

Ever since we first stumbled across The Wayward Suns’ debut full-length album Paradigm, we’ve been hooked. The band ooze out one of the most unique blends of music currently making the rounds.

So fresh off the album’s release, we got the band to run us through exactly what it means to be a ‘Wayward Sun’. Take it away gentlemen…

Fresh off the release of their debut full-length album Paradigm, Gold Coast five-piece The Wayward Suns walk us through what it means to be a ‘Wayward Sun’.

A never-ending journey for the Wayward Suns, another dawn celebrated and a slithering road less travelled ever circling back upon itself embarked upon, we’ve experienced the shine of a hugely successful year through our shared wayward vision.

We are now family… for real recognise real, ever expanding with all who bless our path of life, music, love and conscious peace.

As we wander down this road in our musical mode, we wander with our debut album Paradigm in tow, transmitting a shift to ears all over Australia and abroad. We’ve trailblazed gigs up and down the east coast, on the verge of rocking Airlie Beach Music Festival. What next? What is a Wayward Sun? Where does a Wayward Sun come from?

We never rest, forever shine, warmth from the chest, not sitting idly by. The creativity of a Wayward Sun is no place for musical cobwebs of the mind or hand. We are all artists. As the Wayward Suns, we manifest radiant fusion in all ways, it’s so nice thinking twice, breathing the musical life of the air around us. Seasons change, tides turn and we Wayward Suns burn like a heart on your sleeve. This is our music; this is a Wayward Sun.

We reside in your instinct, your eardrums, within and of the rhythm signals of love. We flow with the fusion of all those who have wandered this road before us, all those who wander waywardly shining beside us as well as all those who will wander the ups and downs of its mystique after the dawning of another tomorrow.

With a swag of new songs created, burning a hole in our pockets more than ever before, our sequel album of expressions, embody the band’s philosophy of love, truth and party.

We’ve always got time to shine with solid tours in the works to expand across unexplored southern territories of our wayward world.

As the river flows over rock, we carry on twisting caps, brimming with excitement at the chance to share stories, rhymes, shredding interwoven riffs within a pocket full of coastal sound. To both old and new, young and older to the sprawling metropolises of Sydney and Melbourne, all the music-loving towns in between and a wayward tomorrow, our story continues into 2019 … come and say hi, what up sun ^_^

Paradigm is available now.


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November 8, 2018