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Woy’s new album Bsides This, It Is What It Is Not is exploding with idiosyncratic innovation

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Kieran Dickson (otherwise known as Woy) crafts woozy, hyper-coloured collages of noises. Since dropping their debut release BBougainvillea last year, Dickson has built upon an already textured sound to create something completely immersive.

With the release of Bsides this, it is what it is not, Dickson flaunts an incredible penchant for piecing together idiosyncratic post-rock gems.

On Bsides this, it is what it is not, Melbourne artist Woy creates an immersive sonic universe that’s unlike anything else currently making the rounds.

Across the new album, Woy glides through a hypnotic concoction of industrial, experimental pop, and post-punk to deliver a sound unlike anything else currently making the rounds.

With abrasive vocal delivery and glitchy instrumentation, Bsides this, it is what it is not is a dynamic listen from start to finish – it pulls in myriad directions, never sitting in one place for too long. By the time the album reaches the conclusion of its 25-minute duration, you’ll be left unsure of where you stand. It’s a wonderful feeling of disorientation that you’ll quickly get hooked on.

These are still early days for this self-proclaimed pioneer of bogan-rock, but judging by everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material from Woy.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Bsides this, it is what it is not above.



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November 8, 2018