The Wiggles are releasing a new album featuring Aussie indie bands

The Wiggles are releasing a new album featuring our favourite Aussie indie bands

It’s not some kind of collective millennial fever dream – The Wiggles really are releasing a collab EP with all of our indie favourites.

This year we discovered there’s nothing we collectively love more than our childhood hero’s resurfacing to bring us 18+ gigs, and iconic covers of Tame Impala hits. Nostalgia is powerful, and The Wiggles know it.

Last week, the group announced some of the OG members have linked up once again with the new Wiggles to create a covers album. Featuring a tonne of Aussie indie favourite’s covering Wiggles tracks, as well as covers from the band themselves.

Anthony Field, The Blue Wiggle, via Facebook

You may not have known you needed to hear your favourite local indie-rockers reprising beloved childhood bangers, but The Wiggles knew, The Wiggles always know. They knew DZ Deathray’s singing Hot Potato, Stella Donnelley giving us Ba Ba Da Bicycle Ride, and Spacey Jane rendering D.O.R.O.T.H.Y would spark immense joy in the heart’s of every 20-something across the nation.

The album, titled ReWiggled, will not only see these indie heavyweights covering our favourite childhood entertainers, but will also turn things around with The Wiggles themselves covering the likes of AC/DC, Rhianna, and of course, some more Tame Impala.

You will definitely catch us pointing our fingers, and perhaps even doing the twist.

“It’s been really enjoyable, and also so humbling, hearing all these wonderful artists doing their versions of Wiggles songs – they’re all so very talented,” says Blue Wiggle Anthony.

We’ve already been gifted wiggly renditions of both The Chats Australiana anthem, Pub Feed, and everyone’s favourite sing-a-long Bohemian Rhapsody.

We’ve also been blessed with The Chats rocking Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?), and Spacey Jane’s D.O.R.O.T.H.Y (My Favourite Dinosaur) which honestly, slaps. It’s the Chrissy present we didn’t know we needed.

ReWiggled will be released March 11 next year.