The Winter Gypsy give us their evocative take on Australian romanticism on Page 1

The latest release from Adelaide outfit The Winter Gypsy, Page 1, sees heights of soulful and complex indie, balanced so subtly against instrumental solidarity, leaving the listener held in spacey surrounds long after the record is over.

The Winter Gypsy

The Winter Gypsy have started a new, and exciting journey and are flying through the pages of our souls with their debut EP, Page 1.

Fans of The Middle East, Angus Stone and that relaxed and clearly identifiable coastal brand of indie folk will be more than satisfied with what The Winter Gypsy are selling.

Title track Page 1 is a slow acoustic lamentation, poetic and haunting. Consistent acoustic guitar and piano carries along a thought, softly spoken. With strengths in clarity and a sticky intimate warmth, Page 1 brings forth a small taste of the heights to which the subsequent EP will deliver.

Phases delivers in spades, punchy and direct, with deliciously layered drums and reverb abounds, the looping style and delicately drawn out vocals bring forth the sounds similar to Melbourne artist Josh Cashman, paralleled with that steadily recognisable heavily accented Australian romantic drawl, heard most clearly from Sydney’s Sticky Fingers and DMAs.

Like tracks to come, Phases is sparse, carried on by a running soliloquy delivered in poignant lyricism.

The Winter Gypsy delivers in echoed romanticism and sensual, emotional intrigue. Each track lilting and echoing in all the right moments, capturing the organic thought that is the poetic overlay.

Mature in their sound and confident in its production, Page 1 delivers in an understated confidence of voice and musicality. Setting them apart from ‘just another acoustic band’, forgoing the contrived they master the used of reverb, builds and drops with a natural ease.

The Winter Gypsy are at the forefront of a new wave of complex organic Australian folk music and the latest EP only supports this sentiment.

Standout tracks include People with its husky harshness juxtaposing the romantic guitar and haunting choral notes, and Took Me By, gorgeously soaring and meticulously expressive.

Took Me By reveals nothing as over-thought, rather a crisp delivery of their brand of layered and multifarious sound. With notes of funky and fast paced rhythm this one is a welcome spark up for an otherwise dreamy and spacious journey; fused lyrical sections creates for landscapes within the song.

Finally wrapping up we stumble upon Now We See. By far my favourite on the EP, it is a warm and deep take on Australiana romanticism. Contrived as this may seem, Now We See takes me to the panoramic night skies above smoky campfires, it’s a personal and lilting story, marrying delicacy with determined builds into piano and dark soft drums.

The track is passionate, earthy, and beautifully crafted, the perfect way to wrap up a stunning EP, definitely purposed for recognition and adoration.