Angus Stone has a sweet new sound as Dope Lemon, releases new tune Uptown Folks

Scruffy singer / songwriter Angus Stone has debuted music under his new moniker of Dope Lemon, the first single being the laid back Uptown Folks.

Uptown Folks

Stone has released music in solo mode under the name his mother gave him and as Lady of the Sunshine when he isn’t playing with his sister Julia. Dope Lemon has been billed as a group effort by the folks at triple J, who premiered the single last night on 2016.

Uptown Folks comes from the debut album Honey Bones set for a release later this year. Stone had a hand in recording from Rohin Brown of The Walking Who. Keep an eye on this space for more on Dope Lemon’s movements and the tasty lemonade they’re making.