The Temper Trap are finally back with new single Thick As Thieves

The Temper Trap have emerged from their four year hibernation to deliver to fans a new single Thick As Thieves. Four years, to put that in perspective the last time the band had released new music there was a belief that gripped many people that the world would end according to the Mayan Calendar.

Temper Trap Thick As Thieves

Getting it’s first play on Richard Kingsmill’s 2016 on triple J last night, Thick As Thieves was recorded with Pascal Gabriel (Ladyhawke and Goldfrapp) and produced by Damian Taylor (DJ Shadow, The Killers, Bjork).

Speaking to Kingsmill front man Dougy Mandagi said “It’s a jangly guitar song; I had the riff for ages. Joseph [Greer, guitarist] and myself just kind of worked it out in his old flat one day. I have riffs on my phone that are 2-3 years old. So, it’s been a while; some never see the light of day.

Speaking on the progress of their third album, Mandagi admitted the process of writing it was a long one. “Somewhere between two and a half, three years. That’s writing and obviously recording and everything.”

Sometimes it was ok, sometimes it was a bit trying but you know nothing good comes easy we just had to keep at it. We didn’t put it out until it was right, ’til we felt right. It’s coming out soon. We’re just sprinkling some magic fairy dust on it, we don’t have exact dates but it’s coming up.”