There is a place in Austria which is a park in winter and a lake in summer

It’s like something out of a Studio Ghibli film. In the winter, this park is just a normal park – no questions asked. But in the summer, it turns into a lake.

The lake is called Grüner See, located in Styria, Austria, and it only exists for part of the year.

underwater park austria

Like something out of a dream or a fantasy movie, check out this incredible park which turns into a spooky underwater scene in summer.

Imagine going for a walk to where you once remembered there was a park, only to find it filled up with water. During the summer, the area becomes a full-sized lake which measures up to 12 metres deep.

The park is surrounded by a row of mountains called the Hochschwabb Mountains. In winter the mountains are covered in snow. However, in summer the snow melts, running down the mountain-sides and settling in the basin below. If you look at the mountains you can see where the water has carved a path leading down.

Whilst a lake in summer sounds like a good time, unfortunately, it’s not suitable for swimming. The water, which in actuality is melted snow, stays icy cold. Grüner See translates to “green lake” and it’s named because of its emerald-green water.

Yet, if you have diving gear you can explore the strange underwater scene, which includes a bench, a bridge, and lots of vegetation – like a silent ghost park submerged eerily in water. Check out some pictures below.

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