There’s a campaign underway to knight Ozzy Osbourne

Is Ozzy Osbourne a metal pioneer and legend in his genre? Yes. Does he deserve to be knighted? A woman named Helen Maidotis apparently thinks so. She’s just put her third petition on change.org as part of a campaign to knight Ozzy Osbourne.

“This petition is being launched in support of my ongoing campaign to Knight Ozzy Osbourne. This is the third attempt at gathering worldwide support through a petition for Mr. Osbourne,” Maidotis wrote in the petition description.

In the petition description, Helen Maidotis lists all the reasons why she believes Ozzy Osbourne deserves to be knighted.

“I believe that with the worldwide fan base he has this will make a huge impact on the final outcome of our nomination. So please sign today! Spread the word far and wide!!! We need to be heard loud and clear that this campaign is not over!”

“For 5 decades Mr Osbourne has entertained the world with his music. He has worked tirelessly in bringing us the very best in entertainment from the days as the original front man for Black Sabbath in 1968, till the present day with his endless stamina, drive and commitment in the music business.”

“From the days growing up in a large family in industrial Birmingham, he has never forgotten his roots and always speaks proudly of his motherland, he resides in his Buckinghamshire estate whenever he’s in the UK and makes every effort to visit the charities that he’s involved in as well as paying a visit to the wounded soldiers at Headley Court.”

You can read the rest of the description here. While you’re at it, you might as well sign the petition to knight Ozzy Osbourne.