Under 1000 signatures needed to get Shannon Noll to Groovin The Moo

In case you haven’t heard, some punter has taken it upon themselves to campaign on Shannon Noll’s behalf to have the true blue Aussie singer play this year’s Groovin The Moo festival. At the rate the petition is going, that could well become a reality.

Shannon Noll change.org

Ethan Adams-Norris started the campaign five days ago, and he’s keen as mustard to get Nollsy back in the spotlight following his gradual fall into obscurity some 13 years after Australian Idol shot him into fame and into the hearts of Australians everywhere. Taking his campaign¬†Shannon Noll for GTM 2016 to Change.org, Adams-Norris has set himself a goal of 5000 signatures to get Noll onto the lineup for this year’s Groovin The Moo, which is yet to announce a lineup.

On the Change.org page Adams-Norris bluntly writes “Title says it all. We all know that Australian Idol 2003 was a total rip off. Mr Noll should of won, and it’s a national tradgey that he didn’t. I think it’s time for his comeback and what better time to start then at Groovin the Moo 2016. So show your love and lets get Shannon Noll back into the limelight of not only the Australian music industry but the International Music Industry. TLDR: Shannon Noll for GTM 2016“.

Once word of the campaign reached Noll, he threw his support behind it as well.

shannon noll groovin the moo

As of writing this article, the petition has reached 4017 signatures, 983 shy of the 5000 signature target. Damn, there are a lot of people who are keen to see Condoblin’s finest rock the GTM stage.

Given that Adams-Norris has said he’s close to booking an interview on The Project to pitch his campaign chances are he will go beyond his intended target.

The story was first seen on Pedestrian.