The Rolling Stones are charging $35,000 for meet and greets

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy two premium reserve tickets to The Rolling Stones’ ‘No Filter’ Tour, with a priority check-in and entrance, a meet and greet with the band, and a swag bag of merch. All that for a measly $35,000.

That’s right – some of The Rolling Stones’ ‘No Filter’ Tour tickets go for a whopping $35,000.

Photo by: Shutterstock

The Rolling Stones are charging $35,000 for meet and greet tickets to the ‘No Filter’ tour. Five per cent of the proceeds will be donated to the charity Community Links in Liverpool.

As weird and ludicrous as the whole thing sounds, the $35,000 tickets are being sold in the name of charity. Five per cent of proceeds from the tour will be donated to the Liverpool charity Community Links, which offers support and opportunities to tackle inequality.

Earlier this week, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy took to Twitter to criticise bands that charge their fans for meet and greets. “Who came up with payed meet and greets? Did they think “Surely there must be something else we can monetise……..OH! Human connection!! They’ll eat that up!” MEET YOUR FANS OR DON’T… DON’T ONLY MEET THEM IF YOU’RE GETTING PAYED… HONESTLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING”

Still keen to go? You can find ticketing information here.