There’s a social distancing edition of ‘Where’s Wally?’ and it’s brilliant

The social distancing edition of Where’s Wally? leaves him with nowhere to hide. The tables have finally turned for our stripy, friend.

For decades now, the Where’s Wally? series (Where’s Waldo in America) has bemused people to the point of unyielding rage. The cane-using, pom-pom-beanie-wearing, stripy, sneaky little man has been besting people since 1987.

But now, in the age of coronavirus-induced social distancing, it seems the tables have finally turned.

Where's Wally

Award-winning cartoonist and creator of the series, Martin Handford, has now unveiled Where’s Wally?: The Coronavirus Edition. 

The new instalment presents Wally meandering through the deserted scenes we have slowly grown accustomed to through the global pandemic. Consequently, he sticks out like bald actor in a revival of Hair, easing the years’ worth of pent up, Wally-rooted frustration that we all have.

You can check out some of the “puzzles” below. All credit goes to artists Martin Handford and Clay Bennett.



The book is not available for purchase but has provided some much-needed amusement during these difficult times.