These figures made entirely from VHS tape and shot in Iceland are absolutely terrifying

Phillip Ob Rey is a French multimedia artist and his latest project is a stunning series of photographs featuring haunting, spectral figures made almost entirely from old VHS tape.

vhs project

Check out this haunting multimedia series by French artist Phillip Ob Rey featuring figures constructed almost entirely out of VHS tape and shot in the Icelandic wilderness.

The “V” HS Project is an ongoing collaborative series between Ob Rey, painter Louie Otesanek, and photographer Mailie Viney, shot on location on beaches, snow plains and rocky outcrops in his home of Iceland.

The eerie figures that are Ob Rey’s subject are constructed almost entirely out of magnetic tape, as well as other materials such as stone, shells, feathers and seaweed and shot in some super desolate landscapes.

Check out some of the collection below. You can view the full series here.