These fresh Apple sneakers will clean out your bank account, just like any other Apple product

It’s no doubt brands are a big deal in current popular fashion – and the rarer, the better.

Apple have always had a range of products available to fans for purchase, but in the 90s they released apparel exclusively for employees. Now, a super limited pair of sneakers have popped up for auction.

Photo by Heritage

Brand buyers – get ready, a crisp pair of Apple sneakers from the 90s will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in just a few days.

On June 11, a pair of original Apple sneakers will be auctioned off. Heritage have listed the opening bid at $15,000 but expect it to reach $30,000.

The Apple Computer Sneakers are a size 9 1/2, with the classic Apple rainbow logo stitched on the tongue and side, and are in relatively good condition according to the photos.

While the price might seem just out of reach for regular op shoppers, rare items are no stranger to hefty price tags – just recently Jerry Garcia’s iconic custom “Wolf” guitar sold at auction, with a whopping $3.2 million going charity.

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Via The Verge.