These New South Whales – Live in Sydney

If Weird Al Yankovic decided to create a garage punk band, These New South Whales are exactly what I would imagine that band would be.

These New South Whales

Ever wished that Weird Al Yankovic was in a punk band? Well consider that wish granted and indulge in the hilarious madness of These New South Whales’ live album.

Self-described as four cocky underdogs from Newcastle, These New South Whales’ digital album Live in Sydney has quite unusual lyrics throughout each of the songs featured. Now I must admit when I first heard the album I couldn’t help but laugh – you simply cant help it when you realise you did actually hear lyrics like “Chicken boobies, chicken breasts. Chicken breasts upon my chest.”

Live in Sydney starts with Adam and it’s interesting to say the least. The beat is great with the combination of guitar and drums – you get a really great sense of the garage punk flowing through this song. What give it the element of surprise however, were its lyrics but after having gotten over laughing from their absurdity, I started to really get into the song and found myself singing and dancing away to it.

Next up is Chicken Breast, which contains the lovely yet strange lyrics, featured earlier. This song is the slowest on the album and features really great guitar solo sections. By the time the song starts you’re starting to come to terms with what you’re actually listening to but by the end of the song you’re committed. I threw my hands up in defeat. In a way I never really thought I would be, this kind of combinational music grew on me.

By far the most interesting and unique song title I have seen to date is the last song on the Whales album. Ferret Catlick however is the most mainstream sounding song in comparison to the others. Now whilst the lyrics are still quite unique to say the least there is a way they are camouflaged within the music. The lyrics don’t stand out as great within the song and have been mixed in with the music seamlessly. So much so that I had to listen intently to see if there actually were the boy’s trademark unique lyrics.

My dingo (hates me) is the quirkiest song on Live in Sydney and has a really great intro. Unlike the others on the digital album the intro is quite stripped back musically and is focused more on the lyrics. Once the chorus hits though the garage punk kicks straight back in at full volume, only to then return to the stripped back quirkiness. Unfortunately even though he did everything properly- his dingo hates him and his cocky only says ‘hu-roo’!

With all the laughing and sheer enjoyment I got from listening, I found I really liked the Live in Sydney. These New South Whales, like a great list of other artists, played at Bigsound on September 10th (if ya missed it, you’re a chump!) and will also be appearing at the (perhaps even more amazing) Blurst of Times Festival.



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