These pictures of cats shaking is the best thing you’ll see all day

In case you didn’t realise, the internet’s greatest commodity is cats. Cats being grumpy, cats being sassy, cats being fat, you name it. If a cat does it then we humans are powerless but to gawk and share. So when it comes to photographs of cats shaking, well, just look for yourself.

Shake Cat 1

Taken from the soon to be released book Shake Cat, animal photographer Carli Davidson is compiling a series of images of cats trying to scratch an itch, capturing them at their most adorable / ridiculous moments.

Davidson photographed almost 100 cats, all of whom were rescues. “Getting the cats to shake was actually more of a grooming process than a waiting game,” she said. “The ear cleanings are what generally caused the shake to happen, I just had to be ready.” You can order Davidson’s book Shake Cat on Amazon via the link below.

Shake Cat  3 Shake Cat 2 Shake Cat 4 Shake Cat 5 Shake Cat 6 Shake Cat 7 Shake Cat 8

Images first seen on The Daily Beast.