This artist creates beautiful diagrams out of iconic pop lyrics

Katrina McHugh is an artist, author, and founder/creative director of boutique design studio Flight Design Co.

In 2015, she challenged herself to do The100DayProject!, an annual event where artists all over the world create and share their work. For her project, she designed a series of pieces that visualised iconic song lyrics as diagrams, as though they were the subject of a textbook (albeit a very beautiful one) documenting the language of pop music from the past fifty-plus years.

Katrina McHugh creates beautiful diagrams out of iconic pop lyrics. How good is your pop knowledge? Have a look at them below.

She named the project ‘100 Days of Lyrical Natural Sciences’, and it earned her a heap of recognition. The projects has now culminated in a book titled Pop Charts: 100 Iconic Song Lyrics Visualized, and it’s bloody incredible.

“Throughout our lives, a vast catalog of random popular song lyrics swirls around in our collective subconscious,” McHugh says, “a hodgepodge language of inconsistent metaphors and cultural references tying us together.

Originally titled ‘Lyrical Natural Science’ this collection presents a visual exploration of 100 songs we can’t get out of our heads. Playful and poetic, the lyrics are dissected and diagrammed in a way that allows us to see old favorites in a new light. This book is for those who enjoy testing their obscure lyric knowledge.”

Check out the book here, and see some of the images you can find within below. All images by Katrina McHugh, via The Bold Italic.