This iPhone shortcut allows you to automatically record police encounters

An Apple shortcut from 2018 is once again in the headlines, allowing users to streamline tasks using a simple Siri command. The “Pulled Over By Police” shortcut was developed as a safe way for users to film their encounters with police, in light of the terrifying rates of police brutality throughout the world.

After downloading the shortcut, the command “Siri, I’m being pulled over” will automatically dim the user’s phone, record the encounter, and send a message to a designated contact.


For all the iPhone users out there, Pulled Over By Police is a shortcut you can download which will secretly record police encounters on command.

Developed by Arizona local Robert Peterson, the shortcut could provide citizens which crucial evidence in the event of police misconduct or violence. 

“It seemed to me that if you’re getting pulled over it couldn’t hurt to have a recording of the incident,” Petersen told Business Insider. “The police these days in many places have body cams, so this could be the civilian equivalent.”

On command, the shortcut will pause any music playing, turn on Do Not Disturb mode, dim the phone’s brightness, send a message to an allocated contact that you’ve been pulled over and will notify them of your current location. The phone’s front camera will then begin recording the event.

Once you end the recording, a copy of the video will be sent to your chosen contact, and your phone reset.

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