Sev Lah on the 6 things he’s learnt since reconnecting with music

Caught On The Outside, the most recent single from Melbourne-based artist Sev Lah, should definitely be on your radar by now. If it isn’t, go have a listen — we guarantee it’ll quickly get stuck in your head.

The song is a slice of indie brilliance; it flaunts rich instrumentation and super-catchy melodies. But the singer-songwriter’s journey to this point wasn’t necessarily conventional. Like most musical journeys, there has been many ups and downs… but, as he says, it’s the journey that matters. So fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with Sev Lah for a run-down of all the things he’s learnt since reconnecting with music.

With an amazing new single hot off the press, Sev Lah shares a few lessons he’s learnt through his individual musical journey.

If you’ve had a dream, keep chasing, it’s the journey, not the destination

Life will pull everyone in different directions throughout their lives. You need to keep your dream alive, even if life is throwing everything at you, stay the course, make small steps towards your goals and try not to judge yourself on where you thought you would be or what you have achieved at a certain age or timeframe. If you enjoy the journey it won’t matter where you end up.

There’s always time for things you love

As soon as you’re thrust into uni or work or both, most people push their music/art aside citing they are too busy. I get it! Having two young kids, running two small businesses and trying to keep up with friends, family and the plethora of other things pulling at my attention I understand the temptation to just flake out after a big day in front of Netflix. The key is to use your art as a form of self-care or meditation, the thing that relaxes you and brings you joy.

Take a breath and celebrate the achievements along the way

For me, I had always played in bands, but I never had an album of tracks I could go to the grave with, knowing they stacked up against other great albums in my favourite genre. There was the temptation once I had it, to move on and look for what was next but I had to stop and feel grateful for achieving my goal.

Music is an art

A few years ago I had believed that music, especially rock, hip-hop and similar genres were only a teen and twenties thing. Although sleeping on couches while touring and running off the smell of an oily rag isn’t something that entices me anymore, I now believe any genre of music, art form or anything that makes you happy is something you need to keep doing, developing and even improving throughout your life. This belief alone subconsciously made me walk away from music, but it didn’t need to. Art is a personal thing, and it can get better with time.

Stop caring what everyone else thinks you should do!

It’s a long life, you can pursue a lot of different things along the way. Some people will inevitably think you are wasting your time, money or ‘potential’. But if you don’t want to be a doctor, tradesperson, lawyer (whatever!) anymore, then don’t. And forget what people think or say. If they are on your side, they will support you no matter what you do.

Stop wasting time!

Following my passion didn’t mean I had to give up everything else, it just meant I needed to give up ‘something’ else. Bills and rent still need to be paid, there is nothing wrong with working a job not in your field. Just make sure, when you get home your spending time on chasing your real dreams. The biggest mistake I have made in my life is thinking I had to go hard on one thing. I’ve realised that I flourish better when I have a few different things on the go.

Caught On The Outside is available now. Listen above.