Sev Lah strikes brit-pop gold on ‘Caught On The Outside’

There’s something immediately addictive about the music of Sev Lah. With a string of consistently great singles under his belt, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter has spent 2020 carving out a sound that feels simultaneously grounded and far-reaching; it’s rooted in indie-rock hooks, but stretches into far more exciting sonic territories.

With the release of his new single Caught On The Outside, he continues to establish this penchant for crafting dynamic and infectious gems of sound. If you’re not already familiar with this artist, now’s the perfect time for you to change that.

On his new single Caught On The Outside, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sev Lah delivers a timeless brit-pop anthem.

All throughout the new single, Sev Lah belts through an anthemic blend of alt-rock and brit-pop, delivering something that feels equal parts familiar and fresh. With textured, energized instrumental arrangements and warm, memorable vocal melodies, Caught On The Outside is the kind of track that’ll stick with you for weeks. Seriously, this guy really knows how to write a catchy chorus.

The new single has also arrived alongside a new music video, perfectly capturing its energy. And the story behind how the video was made is a timely tale for tenacious creativity in the lockdown era.

“I already had some pretty lofty goals for the music video for this track and had it already planned out and ready to go,” Sev Lah shares. “When the pandemic hit, that threw it all up in the air and made all of it impossible. My friend Javier, who lives in Mexico City, said he thought we could do a really cool half animated clip while in iso. Sometimes life throws massive curveballs and I just had to try to make the best of it.”

These are still relatively early days for this Melbourne artist, but judging by the quality of everything we’ve seen and heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.