Sev Lah brings a fresh spirit to garage rock with ‘Coming Round Again’

You all better start taking notes, because what Sev Lah has achieved in his third single, some artists take a whole career to master.

Coming Round Again is an infectious celebration of brit-rock renaissance, but it doesn’t just stop there. Flowing with punchy rhythm and wirey guitars, Sev’s latest single blends his Gallagher-esque lyrical stylings, stadium-sized hooks, and a quintessential beach-rock flavour into a shiny tribute to the music that painted his childhood.

Sev Lah

Sev Lah has brought an undeniable force of energy into his latest single. The roll call of free vocals, shiny guitar, and punchy rhythms in Coming Round Again will melt your heart.

Harking from Melbourne, the singer/songwriter gained his love of music from his father’s own CD collection. Developing his talents for songwriting throughout his life, it was only after he began a family that his library of acoustic demos were developed into realised works.

Sev collaborated with fellow Melbournian producer Darren Hart, and together they crafted albums worth of songs, bursting with the unapologetic energy of the genres that he celebrates.

Coming Round Again is no exception. The shiny instrumentals immediately draw the listener into the infectious energy that Sev is creating. He then marries these stylings with all the best parts of the garage-beach-rock temperature that you’ve come to know and love; heartwarming riffs, a vibrant drum line, and dulcet vocals that could be straight from a ’90s brit-rock anthem.

What makes makes this song so striking though, is the way that Sev has celebrated the traditions of beloved genres but blended them into his own cadence. His music represents a line in the sand between an ordinary life and your wildest dreams, making listeners feel truly alive and pumping a fresh spirit back into the industry.

Coming Round Again holds its cards against global rock fusion hits but has an undeniable characteristic that could see it skyrocket into everyone’s conscience. Having already released two other singles Free My Soul and The Revolution, Sev Lah is well on track to pursue the career that he has waited his whole life to achieve. If this is what the beginning looks like for the singer-songwriter, then it seems that we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future.


Coming Round Again is now available on all streaming services.