‘This is the Modern World’ opens the door to the World of ‘The Jam’

The largest collection of ‘The Jam’ and ‘Style Council’ memorabilia opens this weekend. 

Celebrating one of the most extraordinary and influential bands of the early 70’s and 80’s, This Is The Modern World is the ultimate exhibition for The Jam & The Style Council fans.

Curated by Nicky Weller (Pauls sister), the previously unseen Jam and Style Council memorabilia exhibition, This Is The Modern World shares rare insights into the iconic musician’s life and times, and is said to house the largest archive of ‘The Jam’ keepsakes and remembrances to date.

Fans can expect a rare glimpse into the Style Council’s front man’s life, from Wellers formative years, school books, archive family photos, rare vinyl collections, iconic instruments, and the Mod clothing that the band was synonymous with. 

pual weller
Credit: LYOS

Tis the season to celebrate all things Paul Weller. Based in the band’s spiritual town of Brighton through the month of August. (It was at the Brighton Centre that the Jam had their last performance). The exhibition is set to be an immersive and engrossing experience. In the forthcoming book Magic: A Journal of Song, Paul Weller discusses his final days with The Jam. 

 ‘The gigs were always so exciting, always violent and I suppose the music matched that as well. So, the gigs were a mixture of excitement and absolute fear sometimes.’ 

‘If you’re a Jam fan there’s every single thing you can possibly imagine, if you’re not a fan it’s still interesting as far as social history goes. If you’re just a music fan it’s just a noisy fun exhibition. I’m so excited that we will be taking This Is The Modern World to Brighton this year with the biggest collection of previously unseen The Jam & The Style Council memorabilia on show- just a stones throw from the last ever live gig at the Brighton centre in 1982″. Nicky Weller

This Is the Modern World runs from Saturday 30th July 2022 and runs through until Monday 31st August 2022. Tickets to This Modern World can be found here