This photographer shoots unbelievable coincidences on the streets of New York City

For many photographers, patience is a trait that is almost as integral to their creative process as technical prowess or a good eye. And Jonathan Higbee is about patient as you can get.

Photographer Jonathan Higbee patiently waits to snap unbelievable coincidences on the streets of New York City. See some of his incredible work below.

For more than 10 years Higbee has explored the streets of New York, painstakingly scoping out the perfect photo opp: those ephemeral moments where the stimuli of the streets align with those who walk them.

Born and raised in Missouri, Higbee has lived in Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, and L.A, but he’s lived in New York City for over a decade. It was here that his love for photography blossomed as he began documenting his neighbourhood, displaying his incredible attention to detail through a series that he simply called ‘Coincidences’.

“I began this project to escape existence through a camera,” he says, “but the work has only brought me closer to it. ‘Coincidences’ has taught me to appreciate New York — and life itself — by revealing the magical subtle and serendipitous coincidences that are happening around us all.”

Higbee is a 2018 Hasselblad Masters finalist, and has earned multiple awards, including the 2015 World Street Photography grand prize. He has exhibited his work across the world, most recently in Paris. You can check out his work on his Instagram too, which he updates fairly regularly. And have a look at some of his most incredible work below too.