This project documents every character sitting behind a desk in a Coen Brothers film

Scott Mahr is a software developer based in Canada, and to say that he is a fan of the Coen Brothers is an understatement. Mahr has tired to document every character in one of their films who sits behind a desk.

He’s (obviously) a fan of the character actor, and the fact that the filmic duo tend to cast mostly unknown actors in their films. Not to mention that this seems to be a recurring motif – these characters often play a pivotal role in these flicks despite being part of relatively short scenes.

Coen Brothers
Barton Fink

“They usually appear as clerks or administrators, indifferent faces of a higher bureaucratic power, thwarting the goals of an increasingly frustrated or desperate protagonist,” says Mahr of these characters in Coen Brothers films.

Joel and Ethan Cohen first started making movies when they were kids and went on to make films such as Fargo (1996), The Big Lebowski (1998), and True Grit (2010) – to name a few.

It must have been a painstaking process – reviewing the films themselves and then taking screenshots of each of the characters for the project – but we’re so glad that Mahr did.

You can see a few of the images from Scott Mahr’s collection below, and you can browse the full archive here.

Coen Brothers
Intolerable Cruelty
Coen Brothers
Inside Llewyn Davis
Coen Brothers
Raising Arizona