Thomas Keating reaches his twilight on ‘You’re So Lovely, Yet You’re So Cruel’

You’ve probably heard the name Thomas Keating floating around the scene for quite some time now. From his involvement in Thieves and Good Counsel back in 2010, to his work with Australian greats, such as Gang of Youths and Thirsty Merc, the Sydney-based artist controls the immense weight of musical sensibility that comes from years in the industry.

Yet, if his latest single You’re So Lovely, Yet You’re So Cruel has shown anything, it’s that these years of experience haven’t made his stylings stale in any way. In fact, they’ve allowed his sound to mellow, to become richer and more diverse. You could argue that You’re So Lovely, Yet You’re So Cruel is his twilight, a triumph born from years of labour.

Thomas KeatingWith years in the industry behind him, Thomas Keating has reached his twilight with his latest single You’re So Lovely, Yet You’re So Cruel. 

Sonically, the track it a masterpiece. It dips and swirls through genre, nuance, and cadence, allowing Keating to exhibit the vast spectrum of his musical expertise. His self-professed brand of “Australiana Emo” combines all the parts of soft rock, Aussie stylings, and indie that you have come to know and love.

“With a busy three years establishing himself as a solo artist, Keating has decided it is time now in 2020 to consolidate his efforts and release his debut solo album,” Keating’s press release reads.

Following his split from Thieves and Good Counsel, Keating turned his attentions towards his solo project. The songwriter hit the studios in 2017, producing the sessions that would eventually lead to his debut LP.

With the highly anticipated release scheduled for September, in addition to a live album recorded at Sydney’s A Sharp Studios, there’s a whole lot to get excited about from the soft-rock storyteller.

Check out You’re So Lovely, Yet You’re So Cruel below: