Throw self-preservation to the wind and brace for recklessness with the debut track from East Coast Swag

Sometimes the title of a track says everything you need. For the high-energy Sydney rockers that make up East Coast Swag, they couldn’t have named their debut single anything except Reckless (For You).

It’s a song that doesn’t hold back, from it’s chunky electric guitar hook to the frankly ridiculous amount of cymbal use. The lyrics are shouted, the feedback cuts through and the aggression never fades.

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The debut single from Sydney hotshots East Coast Swag is Reckless in name and nature, a gargantuan rock track with a finger on the self-destruct button.

A debut track sets the expectations of a band for years to come, a first impression for listeners that will never fade away. In this way, East Coast Swag may never have another single as important as Reckless (For You) is for them now.

Which is why they’re damn lucky they’ve blown it out of the park.

Hailing from Sydney, these lads have spent their early days ripping the faces off all the local stages a new rock band wants to hit; Brighton Up Bar, Rad Bar, and more. They’ve supported the likes of Dardi Shades and Sunhaus… and they’re just getting started.

Reckless (For You) bleeds the exact kind of red-blooded rock that Sydney has such an affinity for of late. The rhythms are a headbanger’s wet dream, the lyrics are the kind you spit out of your throat through a haze of beer molecules, and the guitar work will have everyone from true metalheads to the gnarliest punk fiends getting fiery together.

The track rings of early White Stripes tracks like Blue Orchid, if Jack White had a second set of hands and also played the bass. It’s bound to addict the local scene once the right people get their hands on it, so jump on early and ride the wave.

For now East Coast Swag don’t have any shows booked but keep an ear to the ground… sources tell us there might be a tour in the works.

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