Throwing a party out bush: what you need to know

Throwing a party out bush: what you need to know

Perhaps you’re sick of the city lights. Perhaps you’re sick of noise complaints. If you’ve ever thought about infiltrating the glorious Australian bush for a remote party, we’ve got your covered.

There’s nothing quite as surreal as hearing cataclysmic bass-lines echo down a valley as lasers whirl and flare amidst the gum trees. It’s a party everyone should experience – so we’ve put together a checklist for getting your own edition sorted.

Planning on throwing a DIY bush doof? We’ve compiled a definitive guide to get you set up and soaring.

Since the early ’90s bush doofs have been a spreading trend in the Australian landscape, passed on from Goa in India where it all began.

Now doofs have even found their way into mainstream festivals, with the likes of Dragon Dreaming, Earthcore and Psyfari (R.I.P). However, purists of the culture will note that the smaller the congregation the better the doof, and of course the faster the BPM. But without further adieu here’s our guide.

Site Planning

If you’re reading this we suppose you have a site in mind, however there are a few general traits that make any location better. Somewhere remote with car access and no neighbours is ideal.

Grass is a bit of luxury, thus private land is highly sought after, it’s all too common to spend three days choking on the dust or sinking in the mud. And finally a lake, river or stream is a complete game changer. Nothing like a sunrise swim to wash away the sin.

Stage Setup

Basically everything you need in this department, DJ Warehouse have you covered. Note: they hire out some powerful generators which are essential if you’ve chosen a location without mains power.

A good generator will power your PA, your lights and your decks all at once, just remember to bring your own fuel or you’ll have some awkward explaining to do.

Grab a stack of JBLs, a set of decks and plenty of lasers. The aim of the game with stage design is often symmetry, so order everything in even numbers and get creative. There are also plenty of amazing ways to construct shade shelters and ethereal features, so get creative and visit your local craft store for that extra zing.

Photo: Jack Stillman

General Respect

Although a midnight dance floor can often seem like a lawless realm, there are some pretty stern unspoken rules to be followed amongst the doof community.

Leave no trace is a big one. The freedom that the Australian bush affords is a huge privilege so it goes without saying you should leave it just as you found it. Bring plenty of garbage bags and a disposal plan.

No dickheads is another policy that most get togethers will adhere to. Respect others on the dance floor and in the campsite. Everyone is there to be friends after all.


Traditionally, doofs centre around psychedelic trance and its various sub-genres. That said, it all depends on your tastes and mood. When you’re throwing the party, you’re in control.

Know your audience, know who’s spinning the tunes, and let your mates know what they’re walking into. They’ll prepare adequately, you have our word.


So there you have it, the definitive beginner’s guide to throwing your own bush party. Spend it all at once.