Tia strikes electro-pop gold on her debut self-titled EP

Tia is the kind of artist you’ll immediately fall in love with. We certainly did. When she dropped her video for Do It Over, we were immediately on board with her slick and individual brand of pop. Everything the Sydney artist touches is spectacularly stylised; a result of well thought-out art direction.

This extends from the music itself to any visual accompaniment; album covers, music videos, press shots — it’s all there. On her debut self-titled EP, this carefully curated musical vision is laid out in plain sight.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Tia has unveiled her debut self-titled EP; a collection of vibrant and charming electro-pop hits.

The EP is a five-track collection of soulful, electro-tinged pop songs. From vibrant, groove-laden dance tracks to emotive ballads, this debut release has it all.

Opening track Coke & Mentos is a dynamic electro-pop banger; the kind that’ll leave you no choice but to get up and dance. With bright, glassy production and infectious hooks, this tune is pure listening bliss.

Keep On Coming Back shows a slightly darker side of Tia’s songwriting spectrum. With crooning melodies, jazzy embellishments, and a guest rap verse, this track will lock you into an irresistible groove.

From here, Tia navigates myriad sonic spaces. Synergy is a shimmering pop song that will evoke feelings of weightlessness, while Chew Fu’s remix of the aforementioned Keep On Coming rounds out the EP with pulsating rhythms.

Check out the EP for yourself above. You won’t regret it.