Tia delivers a slick, Wes Anderson-style visual feast on her new video

Tia delivers a slick, Wes Anderson-style visual feast on her new video for ‘Do It Over’

Tia crafts mini sonic universes within each of her tracks. The Sydney-based singer-songwriter has, in a relatively short space of time, carved out a sound for herself that feels equal parts grounded and far-reaching; it’s rooted in an earnest kind of soulful pop, but stretches into exciting new musical territories.

With the release of her new video for Do It Over, she continues to establish her penchant for crafting charming and deeply infectious gems of sound. If you’re not already across this artist, now is a perfect time for you to change that.

On her new video for Do It Over, Sydney singer-songwriter Tia delivers the perfect visual accompaniment to her stylish soul-pop sound.

The new track sees Tia glide through a spellbinding concoction of pop, dance, and soul, delivering something that’s distinctly her own. With flawless electronic production and smooth, sultry vocal hooks, Do It Over is the kind of track that’ll stick with you for weeks.

The song’s new video is the perfect visual accompaniment. Directed by Amy Benjamin, the stylish new clip is like something out of a Wes Anderson flick. The art direction is spot-on, and each character brings their own individual energy to the final product.

These are still relatively early days for this Sydney artist, but judging by the quality of what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Do It Over above.