Perth Labor MP pushes to include arts sector in JobKeeper funding

Perth Labor MP pushes to include arts sector in JobKeeper funding

A Labor MP in Perth has ruled for the arts industry to be included in the government’s $130billion JobKeeper’s scheme.

Coronavirus does not discriminate – whether that be who it infects or impacts. Even those lucky enough to be fighting fit are most likely to be forced into home-isolation and potentially jobless.

A Labor MP in Perth, Patrick Gorman, has moved a motion to include the arts sector in government funding throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The JobKeeper’s scheme will be introduced from May 1st  to offer some financial relief to those forced into unemployment due to COVID-19 and around 6 million Australians will be eligible. Read up on the criteria here.

Alas, one industry seems to slip through the net when it comes to government funding. Yep, you guessed it – the arts industry.

With the sector contributing hugely to the Australian economy and forming such a personal part of individual’s creative identities, it’s hard not to be outraged that the arts have been omitted from legislation that provides financial relief to individuals throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The Labor MP, Patrick Gorman, describes on his twitter:

“The #arts sector is not only a critical part of our economy, it’s vital to telling Australia’s story. That’s why I have moved a motion … to have the sector supported through these tough times. #auspol”

Josh Wilson, Labor MP who seconded the motion, added that “Workers in the arts and creative industries are core to Australian social, cultural, and economic life – why do we serve their needs & interests so poorly?”

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling and other politicians nationally start backing the arts sector and giving it the support it deserves during this uncertain time. After all, it’s free museum tours, livestreamed gigs and early music releases that are really boosting morale among isolating-Aussies.

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