Take an online tour of this huge Andy Warhol exhibition

The curators of an Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate Modern in London are the latest to join the creatives sharing their art for free online.

Artists and musicians around the world have been sharing their work for free in a bid to encourage the world to stay at home and boost morale through the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out Andy Warhol’s masterpieces and never before seen erotic drawings for free in the Tate’s online virtual exhibition.

Not only can you see the art up close and personal (well, through a screen but you get the point), you can also get the rare opportunity to meet the curators behind the exhibition and hear their thoughts and feelings as they share their expertise.

The curators, Fiontán Moran and Gregor Muir, begin by introducing the virtual exhibition describing their desire to step away from the one-dimensional portrayal of Warhol as a pop-artist and delve into his identity to “think about all the desires, the fears and how they drove him to create art.”

Muir also outlines the creative choice to view Andy Warhol, famous for vibrant depictions of figures such as Marilyn Monroe and recognisable objects, through three lens’ – “the immigrant story, his queer identity and the idea of death and religion.”

The captivating and educational virtual tour showcases over a hundred of Warhol’s masterpieces, ranging from prints and paintings and even boasts never before seen erotic drawings from the artist himself.

Unfortunately, the magic of the immersive sound-filled room and their recreation of his Silver Clouds featuring a room filled with silver balloons, is slightly lost on a virtual audience. But where the tour lacks in magic due to the impossibility of physical presence at the gallery, it’s certainly made up for by the curators spoken explanations and detailed insight which is unlike your average museum trip.

Fancy yourself a Warhol-enthusiast or artist-in-the-works? Check it out on the gallery’s website here now.