Time to uncover those childhood nightmares: The Dark Crystal soundtrack is getting a vinyl reissue

The soundtrack for Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s The Dark Crystal is being reissued on vinyl to celebrate its 35 year anniversary in a limited run of 1,500 copies.

The release forms part of Record Store Day 2017.

the dark crystal soundtrack reissue

Probably the best movie you ever erased from your childhood nightmares, The Dark Crystal has dichotomised viewers from the day of its release in 1982.

With half its audience falling deeply in love with the magic of puppetry and the other uncovering their crippling fear of animated, life-like dolls (their freaking eyes move!), The Dark Crystal is definitely a film like no other.

Scored by Trevor Jones (Labyrinth, The Last of the Mohicans), the soundtrack is a prime example of the many sci-fi/fantasy operas that backed the silver screen at the time.


01 Overture
02 The Power Ceremony
03 The Storm
04 The Mystic Master Dies
05 The Funerals/Jen’s Journey
06 The Skeksis Duel
07 The Pod Dance
08 Love Theme
09 Gelfling Song
10 The Gelfling Ruins
11 The Landstrider Journey
12 The Great Conjunction
13 Finale

Check out the original trailer for The Dark Crystal below:

Via Pitchfork.