‘Dr Strange’ director Scott Derrickson signs on for ‘Labyrinth’ sequel

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is set to direct of the upcoming sequel to Jim Henson’s 1986 cult classic Labyrinth.

The long-awaited sequel will be directed and produced by Derrickson for American film studio TriStar pictures, and will also be scripted by Into the Dark and My Valentine writer Maggie Levi.

Scott Derrickson

Prepare to dance the magic dance again, but this time with Doctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson as director for the upcoming Labyrinth sequel.

News of a sequel has been circulating since as early as January 2016, when rumours emerged after the star of the original film, David Bowie, passed away.

However, it is clear that the reboot to the fantasy film franchise is finally on the road.

Derrickson, who earlier this year announced via his Instagram and Twitter account that he will not be directing the Dr Strange sequel due to “creative differences” with Marvel has now confirmed on his social media accounts that he will be taking on the role of director for the follow-up Labyrinth film.

According to reports, Lisa Henson of The Jim Henson Company will be producing the sequel and Brian Henson is set to take charge of executive production duties.

If the epic behind the scenes team is anything to go by, things are looking good for the long-awaited Labyrinth sequel.