TK3AYthaone has cast his own imitable shadow with ‘4ever’

Picking up a microphone changed his life for the better, and now TK3AYthaone seeks to cement his reputation as one to watch

At just eighteen years old, New Zealand born artist TK3AYthaone is already attracting attention for his high energy blend of hip-hop and pop music. 4ever marks his newest release, a track that places immense value on accumulated wealth, and the security that comes along with it.

Presented with different iterations, sped up, slowed down and instrumental, the original 4ever still shines the brightest. Whether a track for the club or for a late night at home, 4ever shape-shifts into whatever form it’s desired in.

TK3AYthaone review

The one constant is TK3AYthaone’s abrasive energy. At once capturing his youth and appearing confident beyond his years, TK positions himself at the forefront of every bar.

He holds the limelight as he demonstrates his impeccable form, arresting our attention without restraint.

Emerging from a musical family, the rapper refuses to let that shape him. Instead he pushes to carve his own path, one that exists from outside the shadow of his predecessors.

This determination is palpable, and perhaps adds to his allure. Vibrant and cocksure, 4ever boasts TK3AYthaone’s talent and self-belief in equal measure.

Crafted atop an aggressive Jersey Club beat, 4ever keeps things simple. Always the focus remains on TK3AYthaone’s assertion that “money gon last 4ever.”

With his priorities lined up, it seems nothing can dismay TK from chasing the wealth he longs to rest his head on.

With his raging desire to solidify his own uniqueness, TK does just that. 4ever borrows graciously from its contemporaries, yet still stands tall as a beacon of newness.

With his identity still forming, it seems time will only propel him forward.

4ever is a captivating look at a harsher side of TK3AYthaone. The young adult pulls no punches and offers no reprieve; you’re either with him, or you’re missing out.

Listen to 4ever below.