To drug or not to drug? That is the question posed in Happy Mag Issue 2

By karumba! We are now under a month away from the release of the second issue of Happy Mag. Within the crisp pages soon to unfurl a monumental query is posed. To use substances to enhance the experience of it all, with the uncertain negative externalities that may pounce, or to be a purist and enjoy it all with the innate senses we were originally blessed with? Getting real deep, philosophical and just down right high with you is Tai Bentley, one who has been there and very much done that. Check out Bentley getting real fresh about experiencing the music with a lil’ bit of help.

Happy Mag

On Drugs

I may like to think of myself as a fairly hip and happening kinda guy, but even I’d have to concede that burned‐out space‐rock bands from the early ‘70s are not exactly ground‐ zero for the wild sounds of youth today. But here in the sweaty darkness, the grisly thud and frazzled squeals of Brainstorm and D‐Rider are all that anyone did, does, and ever will need.

“Spacing out, we’re spacing in”

A hefty gal spins fancy‐free in the mosh while the old guy with the hat gets freaky.

“Phasing out, we’re phasing in”

Guitars chug endlessly. Eyes closed, the singer stares skyward through the grizzled mask of the close‐to‐dead.

“Turning up by burning out”

Girls on stilts stride the dappled stage. Somewhere, far off, a keytar is wailing.

“Lifting off and gazing”

The music scales the endless peak and I am close to tears. Am I dead? Is this heaven?

I was convinced beyond doubt that space‐rock was the one true music, the only sound I, oranyone, could ever possibly need.

However pure and blissful that feeling, it was built onsand. It was a great gig by a band I liked, not the second coming. So my enjoyment was built on self‐deception – but does that matter?

You can read the whole cover story in Happy Mag 2, where Bentley falls further down the rabbit hole, works through an existential crisis and resolution may or may not be plucked out of thin air. To get your paws on a copy just follow this link and subscribe to Happy Mag!