Heads up stoners, a stoner food restaurant opened in Sydney today at 4.20pm

This is a call out to all you stoners and Sydney-siders who suffer from getting the munchies and can’t seem to part with the thought of eating some sort of magical pizza/taco hybrid.

stoner sloth store

All hail D’Munchies, Sydney’s latest (and quite possibly only stoner restaurant). Our prayers for those deep green inspired cravings are answered!

There is no longer the need to troll the streets in search of something to satisfy your cravings, as weird as they may be. As of 4.20pm today, Sydney will be home to the new stoner restaurant.

Appropriately called D’Munchies, the new joint will be serving up creations such as pretzel baguettes, pretzel infused ice cream, burgers with prosciutto and brie, deep-fried ravioli nachos and wait for it…..a pepperoni pizza hot dog. The restaurant also features a self-serve ice cream station, where you can top your bowl full of strange additions like our worms and fruit loops.

Head chef and co-owner David Pyne explained the idea behind the concept, saying

“It’s pretty obvious how the idea came about. It’s a very loud statement, but that’s sort of what we’re about. It’s for people who enjoy that, and that’s what we’re here for.”

“Nobody’s ever glassed someone while they’re stoned.”

“If you want to go out and smoke a joint, you should be able to.”

So if you’re feeling a bit peckish or can’t quite get your mind off your stomach’s cravings, D’Munchies will be opening at 170 King Street in Newtown today. With a 2m tall mural of a marijuana plant in the restaurant and probably one of the most obscure menu’s in Sydney, it shouldn’t be too hard to miss.

You can check out D’Munchies website out here. at 4.20pm