“Today history was made”: Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years

Last month disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two counts in a landmark sexual assault trial.

Now the 67-year old has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his convictions of sexual assault and rape in the third degree. The ruling is just two years less than the maximum sentence.

Harvey Weinstein, sentencing 23 years
Photo: Seth Wenig

Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for his convictions in the landmark sexual assault case which prompted the #MeToo movement.

Addressing the court for the first time (he opted not to testify in the trial), Weinstein described his “deep remorse” for his crimes, but also commented that the events had left him and other men “totally confused”.

Weinstein’s lawyers appealed for leniency in the sentencing, arguing that given Weinstein’s age, even the minimum of five years could be a life sentence.

Yet citing a “lifetime of abuse” towards women and “lack of remorse”, prosecutors argued for the maximum possible sentence.

People around the world are beginning to react to the conviction. Describing the ruling, Below Zero actress Kristin Booth stated: “Today history was made”.

Original whistleblower and New Yorker journalist Ronan Farrow described how the conviction shows the “power of people who speak up”:

Elsewhere, Mira Sorvino, one of the first people to go on record accusing Weinstein of harassment, also weighed in on the sentencing:

Others like John Cusack, Patricia Arquette, and Jameela Jamil also celebrated the ruling:

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