Tom Hogan tells an intricately non-nostalgic story with single ‘True Enough’.

Visionary and storyteller, Tom Hogan, unleashes his exemplifying track True Enough in anticipation for his upcoming EP.

Swirling in the manic indie-grunge genre, Tom Hogan puts his elaborative creative skills to use with new single, True Enough.

Emotionally raw and speckled with literary references, True Enough is a force to be reckoned with, saturated with a grungy guitar riff and Hogan’s fearless vocals.

Tom Hogan

Artist Tom Hogan, dwelling on Gadigal land, Sydney, is known for his multi-faceted work in the creative industry. Nothing short of a uniquely imaginative mind, Hogan has nurtured his talent from co-creating Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer) to having his work featured in art galleries around the world – one thing is for sure, this man knows how to tell a story.

The track trickles with references of Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick, a literal inclining into Hogan’s upcoming EP, Or The Whale. Deep diving into rock n’ rock waves, Hogan blends synth echoes with hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs, creating a captivating tune.

True Enough, simply screams of freedom and moving forward, exactly how Hogan intended it to be. The single delves into the desire for happiness without nostalgia, slingshotting forward and not looking back.


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“It’s about finding meaning in the future or now… anything other than the past, and not being able to rest on your previous achievements” Hogan unravels. Throwing the past out in the ocean sound effortless with the rupturing vocals; “Have you ever even read it? Moby Dick”. Much like Hogan’s assertion that he doesn’t need to read Moby Dick, echoes the unshackling of the past, electrically bursting into a futuristic, nostalgia-free world.

True Enough is a beamingly exciting and grabbing track, Hogan’s vocals burst with a confident power and an intricate story behind the shaking chorus; “to the devil with you and your daguerreotype/now all is ashes, now all is done”. 

In celebration of the track’s release, be sure to catch Tom Hogan’s launch gig at The Landsdowne Hotel, Thursday 6 May. For the non-Sydneysiders, enjoy True Enough below: