PREMIERE: Sister John’s ‘The Sound Of You’, a visual space wonderland

Sister John have taken their sound to new worlds, with latest track, The Sound Of You, accompanied with spine-tingling, intergalactic visuals.

The four-piece multi-instrumentalists from Glasgow, Sister John, have saturated the space-time continuum with their uncharted sound.

Their single, The Sound Of You, taps into a dreamy, kaleidoscopic soundscape, creating a mediative echo that floats deep into the imagination.

Sister John
Photograph provided by artist

Sister John, made up of songwriter Amanda McKeown, Jonathan Lilley, Sophie Pragnell and Heather Phillips blend like a timeless youth elixir, creating sounds that transcends genre and space.

The Sound Of You, is a glistening track, speckled with a calm, gentle intimacy – feeling like a meditative float into a hypnotic galaxy, there is nothing that can pull you down from the tune Sister John have so meticulously created.

Swizzled with a layered blend of electric echoes, strings and harmonic vocals, it is impossible not to become entranced by Sister John as the lyrics ooze; “footsteps down the edge of time, whisper down the waves, tune in like a radio, once I never knew your name”.  


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The visuals simply wrap sonic waves around the body, melting the nerves and tingling every inch of the spine. The video sways in the elements, from the pull of the ocean to wandering along the sand of a dream-bursting moon.

Sister John has enticed us body and soul, as we watch the hypnotic astronaut sway around the moon setting us free into oblivion.

The Sound Of You is released ahead of the group’s upcoming album, I Am By Day, out July 30 via Last Night From Glasgow. There is not a doubt in my mind that Sister John will continue to take their sound into unchartered worlds, and one must simply float along the milky way and enjoy the adventure.