Dried Spider ignites all the senses in his album, ‘Everything Is Touching’

Dried Spider creates a whimsically immersive album, Everything Is Touching, melting with 9 soul, indie-electric tunes.

In a rupturing swizzle of melodies and echoes, Dried Spider releases a hypnotic full-length album, Everything Is Touching

The Australian artist, currently residing in Chicago, oozes with the 9-track album – exploring themes of meditation and peace in an immersive pool of soul melodies.

Dried Spider

Dried Spider deep dives into the Chicago music community, piecing together Everything Is Touching as a guitarist, sound engineer and straight-up creative genius.

The album is a stream-line lake glistening with angelic harmonies, subtle electric rhythms and a hypnotic saxophone riff. Floating along the neon-hued body of water, the mind slips into a cathartic trance, magnetised with each tune.

The album swirls in Cardioa dreamy moonlit spoken word piece where Dried Spider pulses the veins and trickles down the spine.

With effortless ease, a calmness radiates through the sonic waves, as Dried Spider sings; “there is a river flowing inside you and inside me/and then when we connect our rivers become the sea”. 

Everything Is Touching follows the album’s title track, sparking the senses in an electrically striking an intergalactic void without stress or fear.

Along with the riveting lullaby Dust Cloud, the song features Dried Spider playing the saxophone, an instrument he taught himself over three years.


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The artist wraps you in a warm blanket of openness and vulnerability, there is nothing insincere about Everything Is Touching. 

The album was planted alongside the roots of Dried Spider, harnessing his disciplined meditative practice.

“I practice a style of meditation called ‘Vipassana’. The word Vipassana means to ‘see things as they really are’. This philosophy and practice has informed the way that I explore themes of love, hardship, unrest, conflict, and nature in my music.”

It is clear with tracks like Everybody Winsand Businessman Relaxes that Dried Spider has encompassed a “chamber of joy”, drawing listeners in without a second thought.

His magnetically soulful sound is similar to the likings of Thundercat and Funkadelic, particularly in the electric hymn, Your Real Name


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Dried Spider is the epitome of an artist that triggers every sense in the body, from sight to smell, he paints a vividly electric soundscape, immersing you into a meditative world that twitches the nerves like a live wire.

The album ends with the soft blow of The Cushionwith a climactic guitar riff that leaves you yearning for more.

One thing is for certain, there is an unmatchable beauty in the work of Dried Spider.

Become entranced with Everything Is Touching below: