Christine and the Queens presents Redcar, ‘La Chanson Du Chevalier’

French singer-songwriter, Christine and the Queens is ringing in a new era, and it’s titled, Christine and the Queens presents Redcar.

Redcar, formerly known as Christine and the Queens, and born Héloïse Letissier – a name he still sometimes uses – introduces his new moniker, and a new and exciting album. Redcar – Les adorables étoiles, which is set to be released under the name Christine and the Queens presents Redcar, on November 11.

The upcoming project by Redcar, is  Les adorables étoiles (prologue), which translates to the adorable stars, has already released the single Je te vois enfin earlier this year.

Christime and the Queens Redcar
Credit: Christine and the Queens Redcar

The newest single, la chason du chevalier (The Song of the Knight) dropped in October. In the song’s music video, Chris dances around a studio filled with objects on loan from Sotheby’s. In particular, The Age of Bronze sculpture by Rodin.

Chris puts on an engaging performance despite an obvious injury — the reason for the rescheduling of the album. Emotive vocals and sublime synths beautifully capture the exploration of identity and creativity. 

Having changed his pronouns officially on socials, from she to him, the new single aligns with Redcar’s transitioning journey, sharing with fans in a three-minute video to TikTok in August: “I’ve been a man for a year now – a little more officially in my family and in my relationship. It is a long process.” 

Speaking openly about his transition Redcar shared that “je me genre au masculin” (“I self-gender as male”) and would be using male pronouns from now on. Redcar, or Red, came about around the time his mother passed away, and the red cars he kept seeing when she died.

Credit: TG

Redcar’s mother, Martine Letissier, died suddenly, in 2019. “Her heart got infected and stopped abruptly,” he says. He was in the middle of a Coachella tour, dropping everything, he rushed back to France, but wasn’t able to be with her when she died. “And since then, it was everything at once. It was just this unfolding. Very chaotic.”

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the french singer-songwriter shared that the songs for Redcar Les Adorables Étoiles were made in a two-week window, on his computer, alone in his home in Paris in 2021. He set himself a challenge of making a song a day, which he succeeded in doing. Speaking to the process, which he says was intense,  but joyous.

Watch the music video for la chason du chevalier via YouTube below. Check out tour dates here.