Alon Ilsar morphs the space time continuum in upcoming Melbourne show

Alon Ilsar morphs the space time continuum in upcoming Melbourne show

Alon Ilsar bursts in his imaginative performance of light and sound, pushing the boundaries of the galaxy with, Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’. 

In a performance that jumps into an immersive, kaleidoscopic future, Alon Ilsar ruptures the sonic soundscape, featuring in Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’. 

The show take place on Thursday 15 July at The Toff in Town, Melbourne.

Trigger Happy 'Visualised'

Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ is visually immersive rollercoaster ride into oblivion.

Alongside inventor, producer and percussionist, Ilsar, is visual artist and programmer, Matthew Hughes. Together, the artists bring to life the vivid and uncanny shapes and sounds of an uncharted galaxy – digitally visualising Comatone & Foley’s Trigger Happy 2 techno masterpiece.

Unlike anything we have seen before Ilsar, uses AirSticks to paint a vibrating and hypotonic work of art, saturating and electrifying every nerve in the body.

One simply cannot break focus from the clashes and tugs of an invisible force Ilsar masterfully creating texture that are not of this world.

The AirSticks are a custom-designed, audio-visual instrument created by Ilsar, who is currently studying them at Monash University’s SensiLab in the field of health and wellbeing.

Every drop of Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ is extraordinary.

Together, Ilsar and Hughes have built an undeniable juggernaut for the impossible, having their work presented at Vivid Sydney, City Recital Hall and in 2019 receiving the Best Performance and Best Overall Performance in the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition.

The mesmerising electricity will undeniably shake the Toff audience to its core, transcending time and space with its buzzing layers of thumping sound and imaginative movements.

Whilst the mysteries of how the performance is orchestrated may never be understood by mere mortals, there is an unspoken knowledge that we are in the midst of magic at its purest and most whimsical form.

If you are in Melbourne, be sure to catch the Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ performance on Thursday 15 July, tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.