Welcome to the Freakshow - a jarring, hypnotic music video by Sir Jude

Welcome to the ‘Freakshow’, a jarring, hypnotic music video by Sir Jude

Sir Jude unleashes psychedelic pop single, Freakshow, accompanied with the visuals of a manic, 70’s circus, soft horror.

Unravelling in an electro-psych melody, Sir Jude’s single Freakshow pulls you into a hypnotic trance, tugging every manic string in the psyche.

Freakshow lays the ground for the artists’ debut album, Revelations, setting the haunted tone of a hyper-styled swirl of misogyny in sex, love and the discovery of oneself.

Sir Jude

The track rips apart every ounce of angst or fear, Sir Jude pulls you into a mystic 70’s soundscape, a chaotic circus of outcasts and Freakshows.

Her voice stabbing as sharp as the knife hidden behind her back, with an electric current zapping you through every beat. The artist pierces the veil between her and the listener – grabbing you with her lustrous stares and jarring lyrics; “something about the way we dance/I’ve got to love you/and I know I want it”.


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The visuals, directed by Phebe Schmidt and put together by Majella Productions, is a hyper-manic masterpiece set in the literal soundscape of the single.

Seated in a wood-panelled retro-style waiting room, the piece stirs the darkest corners of the mind with close up shots of hypnotic characters and the seductive glistens of Sir Jude in her manic camera stares.

Drenched in pearls and black lace stockings, Sir Jude absorbs the thrilling soundscape she has so meticulously built as she pushes the boundaries of the electro-pop genre.

Working alongside producer, Sam Sakr, the track was written during the chaos of isolation over Zoom. If that time in solitary confinement somehow didn’t drive you crazy, Freakshow will trigger the lustfully bursting frustrations for you.

Sir Jude’s track is simply unravelling in its electro intricacies, the throbbing bass of the chorus magnetising the chaotic nature of the visuals, making it impossible to look away.

Sir Jude has marked herself as an exceptional sonic and visual creator, as striking as the red blood that trickles down her face.

Become entranced with Sir Jude’s Freakshow below: