‘Final Fantasy XIV’ coming to PS5 next week, with Australian servers coming soon

Final Fantasy XIV is one of those rare gems where devs constantly feed fans with updates and new content. This time, we get to experience the full MMO experience on a PS5.

With its lore continually expanding alongside the many enhanced improvements in-game since Final Fantasy XIV first landed on our PCs more than a decade ago, it’s safe to say that the game has come a long way. Though, compared to the entire lifespan of the franchise, ’tis just a small fragment, since a new Final Fantasy title is currently being worked on.

Next week on May 25th, Final Fantasy XIV will officially launch on the PS5. This is just one of the updates developers Square Enix has to offer in light of their upcoming expansion pack, Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5
Image: Final Fantasy XIV / Square Enix

A heck more content was revealed in several announcements as part of the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival that was held earlier in the week on 15 and 16 May. The full trailer for the expansion pack also aired during the event.

The dev team at Final Fantasy XIV proudly unveiled that the new features for the game would be in line with other recent PS5 drops. That means “faster load times, 4K resolution support, a high resolution UI (user interface), DualSense haptic feedback support” and “3D audio support”. New trophies will also be exclusive to the PS5 version of the game.

As an additional reward, Square Enix has also confirmed that anyone with a PS4 copy of Final Fantasy XIV would similarly be entitled to a free upgrade on the latest PlayStation console.

Details on Patch 5.55 were revealed as well. This update will include part two of the ‘Death Until Dawn’ main scenario, as well as offering a reward for collecting all 80 of the Triple Triad cards. Extra quests are also on the agenda.

What’s more, here’s a news flash just for those of you living in the land down under: as of next year, Australian servers will be available! It’s not very often that Australia gets its very own data servers in popular MMOs, and this decision raises the count to… a number still countable on one hand.

The Old Republic was one of the other few games choosing to host their servers in Australia. Unfortunately, it closed down soon in 2013 due to a lack of players.World of Warcraft managed to break into the market once a steady Australian playerbase was chugging along, and is currently still operating its dedicated servers for the region.

The new Final Fantasy XIV server will hopefully catalyse a massive improvement for Australians and New Zealanders keen to join in on the MMORPG fun. Keep your eyes peeled for Patch 6.1, which will launch sometime in 2022.

The Endwalker expansion pack will be released near the end of the year on 23 November. Some of the perks are astronomically exciting, including the ability to raise the cap to level 90 as well as a new zone on the moon.

Find out more about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker here.