‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ expansion introduces two new roles

Final Fantasy fans rejoice! Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the latest expansion pack for the hugely popular MMO.

Even if you’re not a fan of Final Fantasy or excited about Endwalker, you should be aware of their infamous storytelling. What starts off as a straightforward quest to defeat the ultimate boss eventually sidesteps into a roller coaster trip into intergalactic lore. But that’s not all, as the final boss doesn’t always end up being… well, the final boss!

After making the patch 6.0 expansion of Final Fantasy XIV public, fans were rightfully excited. Not to be slowed down, Square Enix has just dropped another bombshell of treats for fans today.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Here’s an excerpt from the official Endwalker synopsis:

“Onward and upward… ever greater adventures await the Warrior of Light…What were the Final Days that brought the mighty Ancients to the knees?”

“To uncover myriad secrets — of Hydaelyn, Zodiark, and deeper mysteries still — the Warrior of Light embarks on a journey to the moon. The long-awaited conclusion to the tale of gods light and dark! Curiouser and curiouser… burning questions remain! What brought about the Final Days? What became of Hydaelyn and Zodiark? What will be the Garlean Empire’s fate? What is Zenos and Fandaniel’s aim? What is to be found on the moon?”

Though its appearance looks intimidating at first, the expansion pack will welcome the Sage, the first major healing role introduced into the game since the Astrologian was added to its Heavensward expansion way back in 2015. Players will be able to access the character immediately, so long as they have obtained level 70 or higher.

There is also apparently new melee DPS class, although Square Enix hasn’t made much comment other than a promise for further information in upcoming Final Fantasy XIV presentations.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be available on three platforms: PC, PS4 and PS5.