Phoebe Bridgers smashes expectations and her guitar in explosive ‘SNL’ performance

Last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live was memorable for many reasons. Dan Levy’s mum used his hosting debut to call out his childhood bullies and Phoebe Bridgers gave us a performance to remember.

Delivering two iconic performances from her sophomore album PunisherBridgers set her biggest gig to date on fire (quite literally). Her ode to disassociation, Kyotosaw the artist and co take to the stage in their iconic skeleton onesies, serving the passion and power of the original track.

Her final rendition, however, left audiences stunned. The slow-burning, final chapter of her 2020 record, Bridgers’ performance of I Know The End burst into a cacophony of flames, as the artist sang of apocalypse, lost memories, and the upwards hill of trauma. Capped off with blood-curdling screams and her guitar shattered into pieces, the Californian songstress delivered the heart that fans have come to know and love her for; offering the stage to her lead guitarist and sharing a hug with bassist and long-time collaborator, Emily Retsas, at the end.

phoebe bridgers snl

In addition to Bridgers’ god-like performance, actor Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) gave a memorable opening monologue. Musing on the positives and negatives of lockdown, and how people had “finally started watching my show, Schitt’s Creek” last year, the Emmy-winning star noted that fans stop him on the street to yell “Ew”. “It’s a line from the show that will haunt me for the rest of my life,” he told audiences.

His mum, Deborah Divine, took to Twitter to congratulate her son and call out the bullies who targetted him 25 years ago. “This goes out to the bully punks at Camp TF who made life miserable for a certain cabin-mate back in the summer of ’96’ – just because he was different,” she tweeted. “Well, after all these years I have just 7 words to say to you: ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!’”

Check out the incredible show, featuring Phoebe Bridgers and Dan Levy below: