China’s insane movement to stop male feminisation

China is telling their young men to beef up in gym class to make them more masculine, amongst a score of other dangerous lies related to their supposed feminisation.

The Chinese education ministry has proposed that young Chinese boys are “too feminine” and need to toughen up. The government has laid out an official plan to prevent boys from becoming feminised after reports that teenage boys are becoming delicate and timid.

In a letter from China’s education state ministers, the plan involves the teens doing more physical exercise to prevent feminisation. The state believes that there are not enough positive role models for young boys to look up to. Instead, they insinuate that there are too many pop stars and movie stars that the boys idolise instead of athletes and other ‘tough’ role models.

china feminisation controversy
Photo: Hector Retamal/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

The education minister’s plan touches on the gender imbalance in school teachers across China, who are predominantly female. Xinhua is a state-run news agency that last year reported on this gender disparity. They stated that it would greatly help have more male teachers in China, with schools even offering higher salaries for male teachers to apply to teaching positions.

Male teachers, particularly in the physical education sector of schools, are highly sought after. As there is a significant focus on the academic side of education, programs such as sports and P.E. are put on hold to focus on the children’s studies.

However, the government believes a more significant focus on this could help young boys with their feminine tendencies.

China has also used its military to push boys to become more masculine, heavily encouraging young men to join after finishing their studies. The government has even gone as far as to blur images of male ear piercings on TV programs as part of this battle.

These images greatly contrast other parts of the world, which is becoming more accepting of everyone no matter their gender, personality, the way they dress, and who they choose to love. Thankfully, it seems the government’s ideas may be out of touch with those held by its citizens.

As reported by BBC, the reaction to this anti-feminisation plan inside China has been overwhelming negative. While the education sector seems to be pointed backwards, at least the country’s population invokes an opinion that’s a little more suited to the 21st century.

“There are 70 million more men than women in this country,” a Weibo user claimed. “No country in the world has such a deformed sex ratio. Isn’t that masculine enough?”