Happy are proud to announce that Tomatrax is joining Happy!

Tomatrax joins Happy!

Happy are excited to announce that music blogger and serial muso interviewer  and Triple J Unearthed super reviewer Tomatrax is joining the Happy ranks! How cool is that? See image below:


Tomatrax is joining our blog! We couldn’t find any large images to represent Tomatrax – so here’s a picture of a Happy tomato made of felt.

Having been around since about 2006 (don’t quote me on that), Tomatrax has been reviewing “CD’s and MP3’s“, interviewing some cool dudes (including my old 413 bus buddy Calum) and making some sweet top 100 lists. And they’re insightful lists too – last year, the #1 track was No One Gave Us The Right from Belgian post-rock band Marble Sounds. Here I was thinking that the best song of 2013 was that song by Yeezy.

Tomatrax has also contributed a shedload of interviews to Happy, exchanging words with They Might Be Giants, The Pretty Littles, Yuco and many more – all of which you can read right here.

As we look to Tomatrax’s absorption into the Happy family, and also necessarily into the future of online music journalism, it’s also important to also cast our gaze to the past. I give you Tomatrax’s first issue from August of 2006, kindly archived by the good people at the National Library of Australia. Take special note of the awesome illustration of tomatoes playing instruments on the back cover. You can find the rest of the archived zines right here.