Rolls Bayce – Don't Get Me Wrong

I’ve done a stupid. I brought the wrong pair of headphones into work today. They seem to be working fine with my portable music player, but for some reason when I plug ’em into this Mac here in the office*, they get that hollow, underwatery sound issue where you can only clearly hear one channel. Not only does this mean I have to listen to whatever electro-trap garbage they’ve got playing on FBi all day, I also can’t listen to Rolls Bayce‘s new single Don’t Get Me Wrong as it was intended.

rolls bayce

Here’s a review of what we managed to make out of Rolls Bayce’s new track Don’t Get Me Wrong.

Rolls Bayce is the psych rock project from Hungry Kids of Hungary’s Dean McGrath, Millions drummer James Wright and their mate Young Neal. If, like me, you were trying to figure out the spoonerism in their name (Rolls Royce? Balls Rose? Roy’s Bass?) you can relax your brain, because the project is named after a 2011 song by US experimental group Battles. Just don’t get to wondering why Battles called their track Rolls Bayce or you’ll never get to sleep.

9 months ago, the trio made the rounds with their single Arrows, which was lauded for/grumped at for sounding a little too much like you know who, and once again Don’t Get Me Wrong could be accused of beating the same dead whores**. Even through my buggged out headphones the influence is clear, but there’s no denying that these guys are talented musicians. Even though the aforementioned Perthians make guitar music, one of the most distinctive parts of the sound is their drum rolls – long and tight, just like my favourite pair of winter undergarments, and boy does Wright nail some of those fills.

So there’s probably more I could say about this song, but FBi have decided to play that new Snakehips track again and it’s sheer mediocrity is just way too distracting for me to try to listen through this muddy audio issue to try and find more to write about. You can catch Rolls Bayce at the Black Bear Lodge throughout August at their curated residency – the three piece playing with Love Signs, Blonde Tongues and many more. If you’re in Brizzy on August 2nd, 16th or 30th, head on down to the Lodge for some psych pop good times.

*Link to said office shared with IYBI.

**Editor: I really don’t think that’s how the saying goes…



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