Top five adult party games to liven up your next social gathering

As the end-of-year social calendar begins to overfill, we’re counting down the best adult party games to liven up your future soirees.

If you couldn’t tell from the premature decorations clung to shopping centre walls since September, the festive season is well and truly upon us. By now, your end-of-year social calendar is likely overfilling, just as your gift-giving piggy bank empties at the speed of light. But while the onset of party season brings with it a host of anxieties (like dealing with your overbearing aunt) there’s plenty of fun to be had at your forthcoming get-togethers, especially if you’re armed with an arsenal of party games. 

Social etiquette requires that you do not arrive to a party empty-handed, but if you’re the type of chef whose potluck meal will poison fellow party-goers (never bring a seafood dish), it’s probably safer to bring your own party game instead. Since sexual party games are a no-go if it’s a family gathering, these party games instead will be sure to fill the awkward silence whenever a distant cousin argues that “Kanye has some interesting points.” So, without further ado, these adult party games below offer the perfect ice-breaker for any given soiree. 

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So, in the lead up to a slew of Christmas, New Year’s, and Thank God I Made It Through 2022 parties, we’re counting down some of the best adult party games to liven up your forthcoming social calendar. Fear not, drinking games and other kinds of party games for adults are included.

Two Truths and a Lie

If the party has hit a lull in its collective social battery, then it’s time to whip out Two Truths and a Lie (as well as some more vodka). Perfect for exposing family secrets or donning a poker face, the game requires partygoers to recite two truthful statements and one lie, leaving remaining players to differentiate between each.

The game is especially useful in learning facts about attendees you only see annually at this very party, and can be spiced up by threatening to reveal an even dirtier truth should the player be too coy (looking at you, aunt Karen). Those who’ve guessed the lie then continue with their three statements, until guests have either learned something about one another or mistakenly cited three truths (a common occurrence).

Drinking games

The lede may have been buried here, given that drinking games should take top spot on any discussion of party games. A staple of the social gathering since a bunch of cavemen clapped sticks around a campfire, drinking games offer the perfect social lubricant. There’s the Hall of Famer drinking games like beer pong, King’s Cup and Never Have I Ever, but the formula of party games porn can be especially catered to the specific context of the party, too. 

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You could, for example, enlist your closest attendees and vow to drink every time someone asks you “how’s your career going?”, or a shot for each minute of small talk between yourself and aunt Karen. These games are especially fun amongst a smaller in-group within the broader guest list, and can be played in addition to other drinking games like flip-cup.

Cards Against Humanity

Rightfully usurping dad’s old Pictionary as the go-to party game of choice, Cards Against Humanity reveals the black humour of your fellow guests. The card game requires players to respond to cue questions and statements with the most inappropriate response in their selection of cards, with the master deciding who wears the crown of most inhumane (likely aunt Karen). The game can be customised with a drinking component, a surefire way to ensure the responses get progressively more unhinged.   

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Celebrity Heads

Celebrity Heads is a party game staple for a reason. The rules are simple to follow and the choice of celebrities is ever-increasing (see, regrettably, TikTok stars). While the party game offers the chance to flex your Hollywood knowledge, it’s also informative in teaching you of grandad’s favourite ‘60s movie star. If you’ve just finished a round of Cards Against Humanity and are in the unhinged mindset, this party game can be altered to Cancelled Celebrity Head, a list that is likewise ever-increasing (ahem, Kanye).

Questions Only

Requiring no equipment, Questions Only tasks guests with only asking questions for the duration of an allotted time period. Once the drinks begin flowing and the game loses steam, players forgetfully respond to said questions with a statement or answer, meaning they’ve lost that round. This party game runs like an improv session, providing plenty of laughs despite only lasting for a few hours.